Best crypto Sports Betting Sites | Leading crypto sportsbooks (2022)

Crypto sports betting is getting quite popular and with this, the demand for crypto sports betting sites is soaring. But what crypto sports betting options do you have? The best sportsbooks will provide you with an excellent variety of betting markets, but also the currencies that you would need to place a wager.

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Best crypto Sports Betting Sites | Leading crypto sportsbooks (2022)

Crypto sports betting is getting quite popular and with this, the demand for crypto sports betting sites is soaring. But what crypto sports betting options do you have? The best sportsbooks will provide you with an excellent variety of betting markets, but also the currencies that you would need to place a wager.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Cardano are all viable options when you are looking to wager on the best crypto betting sites. Here, we will run you through the full list of such crypto betting sites and what they bring to the table, and, more importantly, why they are going to be worth your while in the first place.

Let's dive right into the list of crypto sports betting options you have today and why you may consider signing up at each crypto betting site we have to recommend to you. Without further ado, here's our list.

List of Best Crypto Sports Betting Sites

We have compiled a great list of some of the best crypto betting sites out there. In this list, you will find sportsbooks that have gone the extra mile in providing you with an exceptional variety of cryptocurrencies. Enjoy our selection of the best crypto gambling sites below.

Each of these sites has been reviewed against a number of important criteria. We have considered their market variety and the fairness of the odds. We have looked into how flexible each crypto gambling site is and whether you can use multiple currencies to place your bets.

The truth is that the best gambling sites that accept crypto will necessarily allow you to easily play in a preferred currency. Now, it's clear that most sports fans who use crypto choose crypto sportsbooks for one particular currency in most cases. Nevertheless, you will definitely benefit from the best crypto betting site that enables you to use all.

How we pick the best Crypto sportsbooks for you

Each crypto sports betting website will be slightly different. Whether it has to do with the available betting markets, sports, odds, or the ease of use and onboarding, there are things to consider.

That is why we put our skilled sports fans and crypto enthusiasts who are experienced with online gambling and who know what to expect from crypto bookies. This is why we check all factors and issue our recommendations based on this.

#1 Crypto Market Variety

The first thing we take a look at when reviewing gambling sites is whether they have the markets to support a great crypto betting experience. This means that you will have an excellent variety of sports to bet on, whether they are the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS, MLB, Premier League, Motorsports, MMA, Boxing, Golf, Cricket Aussie Rules, Horse Racing, NASCAR, F1, Golf, Entertainment, Politics and more.

We really make sure that the betting sites we review and recommend have a great few betting options to go along with them!

#2 Odds Fairness

Do you want to know how much worthwhile an experience is? Well, you will be absolutely pleased to find crypto gambling sites that offer 100% fair odds. What this means is that you will be given some of the best coefficients out here that reflect on the probability of an event happening realistically. Your crypto bets will make the most sense when you trust online crypto betting sites where the odds are legit, and we make sure to compare those for you

#3 In-play Crypto Betting

Cryptocurrency sports betting sites need to make sure that they do have an in-play feature. The most popular types of sports bets are the ones that you can place on events that are currently in progress and this is precisely what people should be doing in the first place.

Anyone looking to have a great time at a betting site that accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, or anything else, will do well to find a site that offers live betting with crypto. You can rest assured that the crypto betting sites we recommend will have flexible and intuitive in-play features.

#4 Reliable Reputation

Another factor that plays a huge role in determining which the best crypto sports betting sites are is based on reputation. In other words, you want to play at those crypto betting sites that have consistently demonstrated that embracing cryptocurrencies has not impaired their ability to offer reliable, honest, and flexible options that will make it easy for you to enjoy great betting experiences.

#5 Helpful Customer Support

We do appreciate helpful customer support. Crypto sports betting sites can be quite the novelty and having knowledgeable customer support agents will make the onboarding process a piece of cake. Players will definitely want to have access to customer support for a range of features, including how to convert FIAT into crypto, how to cash out, or even access some risk-free wagers, for example.

What Crypto Sports Betting Sites Are There?

There are many different types of crypto sports betting sites. You will probably want to know about them based on what type of cryptocurrency they accept. As mentioned before, the majority of the sports betting sites we recommend will feature the full variety of currencies, including ADA, BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, DOGE, and more. To clear things up though, let's list some of the most popular with a brief explanation.

Bitcoin Betting Sites

Bitcoin crypto betting sites are perhaps the most popular types of a crypto sportsbook you can find out there. There is a simple reason behind this - put simply, Bitcoin is currently the most popular cryptocurrency right now. That is why you will find that a great crypto sports betting site will certainly focus on Bitcoin.

Dogecoin Betting Sites

Dogecoin has a huge success as crypto and a betting currency. DOGE started as a "meme" coin with the half-joking backing of Elon Musk. Over time, though, Dogecoin has become quite popular with the majority of betting platform options out there. Dogecoin bookies usually support other currencies, but the best Bitcoin sports betting sites out there will make sure to feature DOGE come what may.

Ethereum Betting Sites

Online sportsbooks come in all shapes and forms and those that accept and support Ethereum are some of the most popular ones. Ethereum is a popular currency and one that is accepted at the online sports betting sites that OddsGecko recommends and will vouch for. That is how you can discover a wholesome variety of betting markets if you are an ETH fan and do not have another thought about it.

Other Cryptocurrency Betting Sites

Admittedly, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin crypto betting sites tend to be the most popular ones. There are others, of course. Some include TRON and Cardano, Bitcoin Cash, and even Monero. We realize that those crypto gambling sites exist but they are usually part of the best cryptocurrency sports betting sites that accept BTC, ETH, and DOGE. The most important sites out there will always make sure to feature all leading cryptocurrencies.

Bonuses at Crypto Betting Sites

Bonuses at crypto sports betting sites can be a little elusive at first, but they are there and you will have no trouble understanding them. Players who are keen on exploring a bonus will always find the best crypto betting sites well-equipped to meet this demand. You can claim a bonus in your preferred cryptocurrency, too.

This means that gambling sites that extend welcome bonuses in Bitcoin will also have alternative crypto denominations, such as ADA, TRX, ETH, LTC, DOGE, and any other supported cryptocurrency.

The wagering requirements are always there and we make sure that you pick the crypto betting sites that have the best bonuses and the fairest T&Cs. This is why it will be easier to adjust to any crypto you want to.

Favorite Cryptocurrency for Betting?

The cryptocurrencies we recommend are all good and they are good in the sense that they have been around for a while, have seen their value increase, and seem stable enough in the sense they are not going to collapse.

This means that betting with one currency or the other will have slightly different FIAT implications. However, it's good to make sure that you focus on one preferred crypto and try to grow your bankroll instead of jumping from one currency to the next, as it would make calculating your winnings harder.

Bitcoin is a pretty standard option if you are new, but some lower-cost currencies are also great addition.

Crypto Betting for Mobile

You may be probably wondering if a great crypto betting site will run well on mobile. The answer is - definitely. There is nothing stopping Bitcoin betting sites, or the best crypto gambling sites for that matter, from making it particularly easy for you to access them from any available device.

You will be able to play on the go and bet on your favorite sports. Crypto betting sites make sure that you have access to all the odds in real-time so that you can always stay connected and aware of what is going on. You can check in on the odds, spot a good betting opportunity, and more remotely.

Betting on the go is one of the best ways to enjoy sports betting and you will be able to do so at the best online betting sites that accept crypto and make your experience a whole lot of fun as well. Bettors are welcome to try this and more.

Crypto Sports Betting Sites: Conclusion

There are many cryptocurrency betting sites that will definitely be something that you are interested in. To find the best betting platform for yourself, we strongly recommend that you look at our list of the best crypto sportsbooks beforehand. This way, you will quickly discover how sports betting sites work and why some are better than others.

On a very core level, all sportsbooks should meet the same standards. Implementing crypto successfully into this is quite important and that is why you will do your best to stick with the most trusted options only. Not sure where to find those so-called best options?

Don't worry, as you will be quite happy to find out that OddsGecko always has your best interest in mind and has already shortlisted the most trustworthy sites to get you started!


Can I bet with different cryptocurrencies at the best crypto betting sites?

Yes, you can use all sorts of different cryptocurrencies at crypto betting sites. There are many options to use there, including BTC, TRX, BCH, LTC, DOGE, and many others. Each crypto betting site will actually support an array of those currencies and make it very easy for you to bet on them directly.

Are crypto betting sites actually safe?

Yes. Crypto betting sites are just like any other online bookies. Crypto sportsbooks are still licensed, they run SSL encryption and remain committed to responsible gambling. We make sure to go through the full variety of crypto betting options and pick those that make the most sense.

Why are some online betting sites accept crypto better than others?

There are many factors that make sports betting sites with crypto good or bad. That is why we have made sure to review the full selection of sportsbooks and shortlist those that meet our specific OddsGecko standards. We have developed them to properly reflect on what sports fans are interested in and want from their sports betting sites that accept crypto.

Which are the best crypto betting sites?

We recommend always sticking to the OddsGecko list of betting sites that are proven some of the best options you have on your hands. For those of you who are interested in finding the best crypto betting site, have a quick look at what we have recommended.

Is it hard to start banking at a crypto betting site?

No, not at all. There are many flexible payment options that make the process really easy. That includes CoinsPaid and other options that will allow you to quickly convert your FIAT money into a cryptocurrency that you can use and bet with.