Best USDT Sports Betting Sites | Leading USDT sportsbooks (2022)

There are many ways to enjoy sports betting these days, and picking a quick form of payment is definitely one. This is where Tether betting sites come in. Tether, also known as USDT, is a stablecoin that is pegged to the value of the US dollar. This makes it a unique currency to use at some of the best Tether betting sites.

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Best USDT Sports Betting Sites | Leading USDT sportsbooks (2022)

There are many ways to enjoy sports betting these days, and picking a quick form of payment is definitely one. This is where Tether betting sites come in.

Tether, also known as USDT, is a stablecoin that is pegged to the value of the US dollar. This makes it a unique currency to use at some of the best Tether betting sites.

On the one hand, Tether enables you to move your money to and from sports betting sites rapidly, but on the other, it does so while ensuring that the value of the currency will not depreciate on a whim.

Stablecoins are unique currencies, and they combine the best of mainstream finance and blockchain technology. This is how you get to experience some of the best sports betting experiences.

To know where to look, we recommend skipping to our list of top Tether sports betting sites that will bring you some of the most worthwhile USDT wagering options available to any crypto-savvy sports fan.

Best Tether betting sites and options

Below, you will find a list of the best Tether betting sites available to you. They will provide you with an outstanding variety of betting markets, odds, and sports to choose from.

You will have provably fair options and tons of great gambling options to explore. Setting up your Tether betting account at any of these sports betting sites is a piece of cake. Let's first see what USD betting sites are really worth your while.

Each of the Tether betting site options we have listed here has been subjected to extensive review that will help you make your own choice when attempting to determine which sports betting sites that accept USDT make the most sense for you.

If you want to see what goes behind each review and why OddsGecko picks certain Tether betting sites over others, read on for a more thorough look into our reviewing process, or just skip to one of the site's reviews.

How to pick a Tether sports betting site

The process of picking the right tether betting site is quite straightforward. While you still have quite a few factors to consider, we will usually focus on those that matter the most, and dig into them in each individual review we offer you to check out prior to placing your first bet.

The methodology is time-tested, and proven and will help you find your way to the best online betting sites that accept USDT.

#1 Sportsbooks you can trust

The first thing you should look for is whether the sportsbook is legit. We make sure to look into the legal operator of each Tether betting site we recommend.

This enables us to quickly find out more about the company behind the site and what their reputation is. We are only interested in legit Tether sports betting operators that will provide sports fans with a safe and provably fair offer that will guide your wagers to success.

#2 Overall website build and platform

Betting with USDT should be a seamless experience no different than traditional betting sites. This is why we will inspect everything at USD betting sites, from how easy it is for consumers to set up their Tether betting site account to placing their first wager.

We go through the onboarding process first-hand to ensure that your crypto betting experience goes without any hitches and that you are having a blast.

The platform used to provide you with the USDT sports betting should be similarly trustworthy and reliable, making it simple for even the least tech-savvy person to find their way and place a USDT bet on their favourite sports.

#3 Great USDT betting markets variety

Most Tether betting sites will make sure that they have a decent variety of markets to offer you and that is why we look for this specific factor. Just because you are offered Tether payments doesn't mean you should miss out on great betting opportunities.

We look into all the crypto betting sites we review and insist that they have sufficient market variety. This means all major events are being covered extensively by the USDT bookmaker.

#4 Bonus can never hurt

USDT bonuses are usually massive, and most sports bettors are tempted by what crypto betting sites offer. We do focus and recommend only a few promotions, though.

They have to do with the type of promotion more so than its quality. You usually want to go after Loyalty, Cashback, Free and Risk-Free Bets. Deposits can be quite a bit of fun, though.

Deposit bonuses usually will increase your bankroll by a generous bit but if you are opting for a USDT welcome bonus, make sure it's offered by one of our reviewed and recommended Tether sites.

#5 Excellent In-Play Tether betting

One huge part of the experience we always look for is whether you can have a great in-play or live betting experience at the USDT betting sites we recommend.

We test this first-hand and make sure that you are having one of the finest live experiences available to Tether sports betting fans, which is precisely what you are after.

Our reviewers make sure to register at each Tether sports betting site we feature on OddsGecko to make sure that you have access to the best in-play experience Tether coins can buy.

#6 Seamless mobile experience

Another great aspect of the experience is the mobile platform. We are quite keen on betting and following results live ourselves and that is why we put a great emphasis on having a great mobile platform that will help you to truly enjoy yourself in real-time.

You are quite welcome to give the Tether betting sites we recommend a go and see for yourself why we find them to have the best iOS and Android mobile betting platforms. Banking with USDT will be seamless on any of the websites we recommend.

#7 Spot-on customer support

For a state-of-the-art experience, we truly recommend finding those Tether betting sites that offer you the best support. We have looked long and hard to make sure that the bookmakers we recommend are advanced sportsbook platforms that will provide you with the service that you deserve.

We personally look into each individual sportsbook to make sure that they have trained customer care agents who are capable of assisting you with anything you need. For those of you who are keen on exploring sports betting with Tether, and getting the great service you deserve, we have compiled a long and worthwhile list to explore.

Is Tether betting legit?

Yes, sports betting sites that accept USDT are usually legit and online gambling with Tether is definitely legitimate. The USDT token is one of the safest cryptocurrencies, and it's very similar to a FIAT currency simply because its value is pegged to that of the US dollar.

This means that you get both the rapid transaction times that traditional sports betting sites simply cannot provide you with and also the security that you get knowing that there are no wild price swings coming around the corner. Sports bettors will definitely enjoy the experience of choosing to place their wagers in USDT.

How to set up my Tether betting site account

To get started, you really don't need all that much. Tether betting is pretty much self-explanatory, and you will definitely have an enjoyable time with it.

Most sportsbooks will walk you through the process. But what you need to do before getting started with USDT betting sites is to simply go to an exchange, such as Coinbase or, and purchase some Tether currency.

Now, you will be prompted to have a crypto wallet, because it's just safer to keep your currencies off the exchange. It's recommended that you try and stick to the most trusted crypto exchanges out there only.

Registering at the website itself is a straightforward process. You will simply need to provide the information that you are required to.

Tips to winning with USDT

You are probably wondering if there is a way to influence your gameplay for the better and there is. USDT betting sites will allow you to put forward your skills and demonstrate how you can make a sizable impact on your betting fortunes. There are at least several good tips that you may follow.

#1 Time your bets smartly

Don't be in a hurry and remember that even the best sports betting sites that accept Tether won't make you a winner unless you know what you are betting on. Place your wagers on sports and players you know and are familiar with and results will follow. Don't forget to time your bets well as well. The beginning of a season is probably not the best time to place your first wagers, so be a little more conservative.

2 Go with simpler selections

You don't want to go too deep in when betting on sports with USDT. Instead, follow traditional betting wisdom that can help you get far in the game and not have any trouble as you go along.

This includes picking some simple selections that are really going to boost your gameplay for the better. You want to stay active by choosing match winners over-complicated parlays or accumulators, for example, and stick with selections you understand.

#3 Check out the USDT odds boosters

There will be many instances where Tether betting sites will extend some excellent odds for you to enjoy.

There are tons to try and that is why we know for a fact that keeping your eyes peeled for the best possible betting fixtures with USDT at betting sites is what you want to do. Make sure you only claim the ones that will actually advance your existing betting plans, though.

#4 Budget your Tether bets

Even when it concerns your USDT, you need to know that the best value at sports betting sites that accept Tether comes when you know how to budget your wagers smartly.

Don't go chasing your losses or wagering huge money like Drake or Mattress Mack on single selections. Be smart about your USDT and you will surely start to see results.

Conclusion: Tether betting sites

Tether betting sites can bring you some of your fondest memories when choosing to bet on sports with cryptocurrencies. OddsGecko has made sure that you only get to enjoy the best bookies that accept Tether and make sure that you are accessing the full experience.

Whether you are a sharp or a square bettor, recreational, or looking after the best possible odds, we are sure that the USDT sports betting sites we recommend are some of the finest out there and you will have no trouble finding a great bookie for yourself.

Tether betting sites FAQ

What are the best Tether sports betting sites?

The OddsGecko website offers and recommends some of the best sports betting options if you are looking to bet in USDT directly. The process is intuitive and to the point and you will be able to jump straight into sports betting action without any complications.

Is it difficult to start betting with USDT?

No, betting with USDT is just like betting with any other currency which makes the process simple and intuitive. All you need to do is pick a sports betting site that accepts Tether, preferably from OddsGecko's list.

How fast are Tether payments for sports bets?

Very fast. Tether payments are some of the quickest payments there are. You will be able to cash out your betting winnings and bankroll. You will usually enjoy instant cashouts which is one of the distinct strengths of USDT betting cashouts.

Is Tether gambling safe?

Yes, Tether or USDT gambling is very safe, and you will have no trouble finding your way around such gambling websites. You will be absolutely thrilled having a run through most Tether betting sites out there, especially the ones that bear OddGecko's seal of approval.